The three-river city Passau

“Bavaria’s Venice” is Passau’s second name and everyone who has been here will understand why. Passau is a city with 50 000 inhabitants and is located in Bavaria very close to the Austrian border. The special thing about Passau is that there are three rivers that all meet here: Donau, Inn and Ilz. This is also the reason why Passau is called “The three-river city”. I loved this place from the very first day and I’m still fascinated by its atmosphere and variety. In this post I’ll show you my favorite spots in Passau and hopefully you’ll find out why I love this city so much. Enjoy 🙂

1. Veste Oberhaus

The greatest place to get an overview of the city and to enjoy a breathtaking panorama is from the Veste Oberhaus. This castle is located on a steep hill above the city and from there you have the most amazing view:

You can even see the very end of Passau where Donau, Inn and Ilz come together: 

To get up here you can take the car, the tourist bus (which starts in front of the town hall) or you go by foot. Up there you can visit the museum or just enjoy some drinks and a typical bavarian meal at the panorama terrace. The food is amazing and it even tastes better with this great view! 

2. Where all three rivers meet

At the very end of Passau you’ll find a beautiful park and the spot where all three rivers flow together. It’s an idyllic place which is perfect for a little break. I often come here to read a book, enjoy the sun or just have a chat with a good friend. 

3. St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Passau’s landmark is the St. Stephan’s Cathedral. The white building with its green domes can be seen wherever you stand in Passau. 

The architecture is stunning and especially the white, shining colour makes this cathedral so special. 

You shouldn’t miss going inside as the paintings and decorations are just beautiful. I really like the bright colours. 

The organ is fascinating as it is the world’s largest organ of a cathedral. There are short organ concerts (30 minutes) that offer visitors the chance to experience this instrument live. I’ve been to such a concert and I was really impressed. It’s definitely worth going. If you’re interested in the history of the cathedral you can join a guided tour which is definitely recommendable. 

3. The Old Town

Passau’s heart is the old town. There are so many beautiful streets and alleys which are perfect for a stroll and some shopping. 

There are the typical stores (especially in the shopping center called Stadtgalerie) but also very individual shops. I love all those cute shops where you can buy great gifts, decorations or books. An insider tip is the “Flämisches Schokoladenhaus” which can be found in the Grabengasse. Here you’ll find amazing chocolate creations which are all hand-made by the Belgian chocolatier Patrick De Clerck. I just love his chocolates! Besides, you find heaps of cafés, restaurants and bars in the old city center of Passau which are great for a break.  

4. A boat ride on the Donau or the Inn

Passau is surrounded by water which is why you should definitely take a boat ride. There are cruise ships that take you to Vienna or even further, but there are also boat tours that only take a couple of hours. I especially enjoyed the trip on the Inn from Schärding (Austria) to Passau and back. It takes 2 hours and you see the great landscape that surrounds the river. However, there are many more boat trips with different durations. To see them all click HERE.

From Schärding to Passau and back

The cute village Schärding in Austria.


5. The waterside of the Inn

The waterside of the Inn is really beautiful with its planted parks. It’s great for a stroll or just a break from the sightseeing tour. 

I hope I could show you some impressions of Passau. Although the city only has 50 000 inhabitants there is so much to see and do. The Bavarian Forest is really close and cities such as Munich, Linz or Vienna aren’t too far away either. So if you’re in Bavaria make sure to visit Passau. You won’t regret it 🙂


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